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Making the hospice choice...

It takes a village... Hospice Care Partners can help. Partner with us.

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, especially for those with a terminal illness. As a community liaison with Hospice Care Partners, I share hospice education with families and help them feel more at ease with making end-of-life preparations. And although we cannot control when our loved ones pass, we can control how those last days and months are lived. Hospice plays a significant role in supporting patients and families through these challenging times by ensuring they are never alone.

When you partner with hospice, you inherit a "village" of supporters, including clinicians, social services, and bereavement experts. Our goal is to help manage the patient's care by providing a team for the patient and their family, ensuring that pain is effectively managed, and providing access to support 24/7.

Hospice also adapts to your needs. Many families have chosen to take care of their loved ones at home to stay close to them, and others have decided to set up care for their loved ones at facilities with the help of the hospice staff. Wherever you call "home," we can help.

As a Community Liaison, I love my job more and more each day. Every day, I get the chance to explain to families what the real philosophy of hospice is "To take care of the mind, soul, and body." Every day, I get to help people and guide them. And when they are afraid of the unknown, are overwhelmed by the situation, or start to feel alone, and like giving up, I get to help make it all make sense. I get to help make it feel less overwhelming. I get to make it seem less scary. I get to help people feel more confident and at peace in making the hospice choice.

As we have learned this year, the future is unknown, but if patients and families have someone to partner with and guide them on their journey, they can rest assured they will never feel alone.

If you have questions about hospice or would like to connect with me directly, feel free to contact me by email at or post a comment below.

Andrea Cadena
Community Liaison, Hospice Care Partners